Sunday, February 11, 2018

15 months

Okay so unfortunately I don’t have a ton of time, today and this past week have been sooooo busy. Also we are currently at a members house doing Virtual Reality (we got permission from the Dixon’s) so I am emailing in between turns! We are also going laser tagging with the Griffins after this, so it’s a busy busy day. Also tonight we set up a “Prophet of the Restoration” movie night for our investigators and recent converts, so we will be very busy getting ready for that! 

Also I hit my 15 month mark recently and it is CRAZY oh my goodness missions are soooo shooorrrrrt. 😢

Concerning transfers......... drumroll please.............. I will be TRAINING a new missionary again! Crazy! Third times the charm?? Maybe I will get it right this time haha. I was surprised, I didn’t think I would train again! But I will find out who my new comp is on Wednesday, and we will most likely be together for the rest of my mission. Also I found that I will be an STL with Sister Hinckley who is coming to this Zone! 😀 yayyyyyyyyy 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, and our investigator Marius calls fast Sunday “open mic Sunday”. 😂😂 love it! 

Today our roomie Hermana Holton left because she is going home tomorrow! They are actually taking out the San jacinto hermanas so we will no longer have roomies. 😢 very sad, I have loved having roommates. 

So one of my favorite scriptures is John 16:33 where Christ says “be of good cheer”. And I learned recently that its not only something Christ says, but it is a commandment! He is commanding us to be of good cheer, and that may be one of the commandments we break most often. I invite you all to make an extra effort to represent the savior and be of good cheer this week! We are here on earth to have joy, so have joy! 

Love you all so much, sorry this is short, have a great week! 

Sister Carina Brown 
California Redlands Mission 
My smoothie exploded 


It has been a great week! I looooove this area and I loooove Sister Losee, I am praying she does not get transferred next week! 🙏 We will see. We honestly have the ideal companionship, she is so non-contentious and it is so refreshing. I love herrrrrrr. 

We have a Book of Mormon class every Wednesday night so that is fun! Marius (German exchange student investigator) always comes and other random members do too. We teach the class and read from a chapter in the BOM every week. 

OH YEAH ok I keep forgetting to mention Sister Griffin, she is a recent convert and she is awesome. She always feeds us dinner when we don’t have a dinner appt, and she feeds us lunch sometimes too. We just love her so much. She always gives us sweets too (I don’t eat them though don’t worry) (only sometimes if I really want to). She is in her 60s and her husband is a non-member and he is great too. Last Monday she took us to Red Robin and I got a SUPER messy burger, so she took a picture of me because I was making a huge mess. It is QUALITY. Anyway, I just had to mention her because she is amazing. 

Right now we have eight sisters in our apt! We are all hanging out and emailing and eating popcorn that I made. 😏 Let the good times roll. #pday 

OH, MIRACLE yesterday! We got a referral a few days ago for a girl named Bella (early 20s), so the other day we went to contact her but we only met her mom. Who was super nice by the way. But yesterday we went to go contact her and she was there! She let us in and was very kind. We asked if she had a minute for us to share a message and she said she did! We taught the Restoration and she really liked it. At the end we invited her to pray, and in her prayer she said, “let me add to my faith, if that is at all possible.” It was so sweet! Definitely a miracle! 

A scripture that has been on my mind lately is a scripture that is constantly shared by apostles and prophets and church leaders. It is D&C 84:88, and it says:
 “I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.”
As I read this scripture I was pondering on why our church leaders always share it. And I think it is because they truly understand and see the meaning of it. This scripture is not some metaphorical idea. It is TRUTH. When we serve the Lord, he goes with us. Not just in our minds, but he is literally there with us. And so are his angels. They are all around us, I know it! God has not left us here alone. He has promised that when we follow him, he will help us, and he will bear us up. I know that life can be really difficult, but god is always with us. He wants to help you, all you have to do is turn to him. I invite you all to keep this scripture in mind this week as you go through difficult things and continue to endure to the end. He is there. He loves you. And he WILL bear you up. 

Ok I hope you all have a wonderful week, stay tuned to see what happens with transfers next week! LOVE YOU ALL! 🔥

Sister Carina Brown 
California Redlands Mission 

Red Robin with Sister Griffin

Sunday, January 28, 2018

We went to the zoo today

How’s it going everyone 

Another week gone and past. Can you believe it? Seriously time goes by so fast. I think I say that a lot but it’s true. 

Yes we went to the ZOO today! It was so fun! We got lots of pictures. Probably the closest thing to Disneyland that I’ll get on my mission so it was great. We went with four other sisters and it was a lot of fun! #pants 

I realized that I am not super detailed in my mass emails?? Like some people do a day by day play by play thing, but I just write about all this random stuff. I mean do you remember that time I wrote about dreaming about Justin Bieber? Like what was that about? So I’m going to try to be a little more detailed. With the important things. Just a little.

First of all, we have a lot of awesome service opportunities in this zone which is great! We do service at this place called Coachella Valley Rescue Mission (CVRM) (yes Coachella is in my Zone 😏😏😏) where we help with making/serving food to the homeless which is cool. We also serve at this church called St. Margaret’s which is pretty fun! Everyone is very respectful of us and loves to have us there. 

So we were serving at the CVRM the other day, and this guy named Wayne always comes and talks to us and he is SO FUNNY. He is an african American preacher of sorts (he always gives us these mini sermons and it is so great), and the other day we walk in and he goes “my sisters in Christ, what’s up?” It was great. Later, we were putting cookies on trays and he comes up to us and starts talking about his past, and how he used to be in prison but now he is different. His exact words were: 
“I used to be a womanizer, like come ‘ere girl lemme holla atchu. But not anymore. Now, I love JESUS.” 
😂😂😂 Oh my goodness seriously it was sooooo funnyyyyyyyy he is hilarious. We so appreciate his faith. He later proceeded to show us his tattoos of the “trinity” and “WWJD.” 

We started teaching a 17 year old guy named Marius this week! He is a German exchange student living with a member family, the Petersons. So he already has built-in fellowshippers! So perfect. We had a good first lesson where we taught the Restoration and he had a lot of great questions and understood most everything we taught. We are excited for him! Members are the key! 

Something that has been on my mind lately is the scripture D&C 88:40, where it says “light cleaveth unto light.” I feel that on my mission I have received a lot of light, and the more light I receive the more light I want, therefore, the more light I seek. The light is that I have been realizing lately how omniscient and omnipotent God is, and how much we really need to trust in Him. How could we NOT trust in an all-loving and all-knowing being? When we come to the knowledge of the majesty of our Heavenly Father, it becomes so much easier to trust in Him. I invite you all to look around you this week and recognize Gods creations. Recognize that there is so much more than just this earth and just this life, and in turn, put your trust in God a little more this week! I know that God loves us soooo much, and his goal is our eternal happiness. Trust in Him. He absolutely knows what he is doing. 

Okay well I hope you all have a great week. Thank you for your heartfelt emails and for all the love and support you give! Keep being disciples of Christ and keep reading the Book of Mormon every day. Love you all SO much! 😘😘

Sister Carina Brown
California Redlands Mission