Sunday, October 16, 2016

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHH HELLO!!! I have sooo been looking forward to emailing all of you. Mom I wish I could see the excitement on your face when you see that I emailed today and not like next week or something. So, I LOVE THE MTC. I really do!!! I am having an amazing time here! I was sad to leave my family on Wednesday, but the moment I left and was walking away with my host I couldn't keep the smile off my face! I am so STOKED to be here! Pretty sure on that first day I said hi to everyone I passed, I seriously couldn't contain my excitement. 

It is so cool to be here. I always thought of the MTC as some foreign land, like "what happens at the MTC stays at the MTC" type of thing haha. Like I never knew what life was like here. But life is surprisingly normal! I eat three meals a day, I go to the bathroom when needed (thank goodness), I talk about normal things with my companion (when appropriate), and I brush my teeth and take out my contacts at night like normal. Maybe it was just me, but MTC life always seemed like OH MY GOODNESS WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING, and that is so not the case! Everyone walks around in twos here, with smiles on their faces, either going to class or exercise or whatever, and its kind of like a college in a way. Missionary college haha. Sometimes I feel like I'm at some sort of church summer camp. I keep thinking "I'M ON A MISSION CAN YOU BELIEVE IT". 

Some things I LOVE about being here:
1. There is always a set schedule. There is always something to be doing and somewhere for me to be, and I love it! Its so nice to know that every day will be a productive day. Ah! I love it. 
2. I have ONE focus. No distractions (well, very little distractions). It is amazing. Seriously, all the things of the outside world don't matter anymore, and its great! I know why I'm here, and I plan to make the most of my time and work hard! 
3. I am learning soooo much! You know those times when you hear something (specifically gospel related) and it just BLOWS your mind and you're like WOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW! That happens all the time here. The spirit is so strong. Also, maybe I'm weird, but I loooove personal study time. I look forward to it whenever we have it, because I know I have sooo much to learn, and the spirit can teach me so much. If I want to be a better teacher I have to know the material! And have the spirit with me of course. 
4. I NEVER have to cook. Amazing. Plus I can have chocolate milk at every meal, so. 

Things to get used to:
1. Calling everyone "Elder" or "Sister".
2. Everyone calling me "Sister Brown". Half the time I don't answer because I'm not used to it haha. (however, I do LOVE when the elders or sisters are like "hi sisters!" or "excuse me sister". It is so respectful and makes me feel great.)
3. Having a companion with me ALL THE TIME. I am kind of a lone wolf and like to do things myself sometimes, so needing someone to be with my everywhere is definitely something I need to get used to. 

My companion is Sister Gunter. She is great! We get along really well. She is from Utah also. We are both really chill and go-with-the-flow people so its great. She is 19. The other sisters in my room, Sister Sjoblom and Sister Houston, are also 19. So all three of them are 19 and have boyfriends on missions haha. They are all great though! I am so blessed to be with them. 

My district is awesome too. For some reason, the elders in my district have an endless supply of Hi-Chews and they are constantly sharing with us. So I know the Lord placed me in the right district. ;) We have an awesome district though. Also I found out I'm the oldest in my zone! Haha. I feel old sometimes, but most of the time I don't notice. We taught an "investigator" (our teacher) yesterday and it went really well! I have a loooot to learn though when it comes to teaching! ALSO, there are SOOOO MANY MISSIONARIES here. I mean, obviously. But like, so many. The cafeteria gets NUTS sometimes haha. I'm always terrified to spill my food. Its so cool how everyone is from all over the world and going all over the world! I love talking to new people here whenever I can, because everyone's story is so cool and interesting. 

Today is our P-day (obviously), and its been great so far! Sister Gunter and I went and played volleyball with the other elders and sisters in the gym, and it was so much fun! We want to do that all the time haha. Later we are going to the temple and I am so excited. 

I think I was really prepared mentally and blessed with a good mindset coming into the MTC, because in no way do I feel overwhelmed, sad, homesick, or scared! Of course I am out of comfort zone sometimes, but that just means I'm growing! I am just loving it here and I know the Lord is here to help me every step of the way. How can I feel scared or sad when I have the Lord on my side? I know I am EXACTLY where the Lord wants me right now, and I am so grateful to be in such an amazing place! The MTC is kind of like the temple, just less white. Everyone is soooo nice, and there is so much peace here. I love it! I know the Lord has a plan for me, and I know he lives, and loves each and every one of us! I am realizing that more and more each day. I can't wait to see what else the MTC has in store for me. 

Well, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Love, Sister Brown :D

Love you!!!​

Us unpacking! I am on the top bunk. We were all so cold the first night. 

 Me and Sister Gunter, Sister Houston, and Sister Sjoblom (pronounced shoblom)

Sister Houston knocking over a desk. 


Sister Gunter and I eating breakfast (always with chocolate milk)

 Our classroom and everyone in our district!

Our classroom has a perfect view of the temple! 

Study materials


Name tag!!!

Sack lunch line (because you can't go in the cafeteria unless you're in church clothes)

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