Friday, July 28, 2017

happy PIEoneer day


Literally there is no reason for me putting the word "pie" in the subject line besides the fact that I really like pie

and also its pioneer day

WOOOOOO WHAT A GREAT DAY YES??? The pioneers were some solid and truly faithful saints. I mean do you even REALIZE what they went through?? Lets all just take a moment to ponder and reflect in gratitude for our pioneer ancestors. 

Also since its pioneer day today, the Dixons had the whole zone over for a zone activity and we watched the movie Ephraims Rescue! It was good! It made me cry. Mormon movies are so great. Also it was weird to just sit and watch a movie, its been a while since i've done that! But it was really nice because their couches were comfyyyyyyy. 


- Laurence Gonzaga, the asian guy in our peace video, is currently being taught by some elders in our zone and he is PROGRESSING!!!! Isn't that so cool??? The peace video paid off! He will probably get baptized, its only a matter of time. 

- we are teaching a man named Kevin, and he is just the greatest. He is this sweet 60 yr old man and he is on date for August 12thOn Saturday we taught him the Word of Wisdom at the Dixons home with the Dixons present, and it was a POWERFUL lesson. The spirit was strong. Kevin struggles with smoking, we it was a crucial lesson, but it went really well. We will be following up with him tonight to see how he is doing. 

- I don't know if I've talked about her yet, but we are teaching this woman named Linda (we have been teaching her for a while, basically since i got to this area) and she was progressing really slowly and we weren't sure if we should drop her or not. We brought up baptism multiple times and she just wasn't feelin it. So we told the Lord, if she doesn't come to church on sunday then we are going to drop her! But guess what, SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Not only that, the talks were on ordinances and covenants, and apparently she told Sister Hull, a good friend of hers in our ward, that she feels like she needs to be BAPTIZED in the next month!!! WOW! Miracles!!! So we are not going to drop her of course. It was just a really neat answer to a prayer, and we are just so excited for Linda. 

- ALSO OMG this week we were helping this 90 yr old woman in our ward named Terry Brown (LOVE HER SO MUCH WOW) weed her garden (well, we were doing the weeding and she was sitting down, because ahem 90 yrs old), and all of a sudden she said she was in a lot of pain. So we help her walk slowly back to her bedroom so she could lie down, and she really couldn't even walk. We stayed with her and called a bunch of people to help, and finally a member in the ward named Sister Wallender came to help, who is good friends with Sister Brown. We all eventually came to the conclusion that she needed to go to the hospital, so another woman that came called the ambulance and the paramedics came within five minutes, sirens and all. It was crazy! Sister Brown is doing better now, but I have never been in a situation like that so it was a little shocking! Everything is good now though. 

I heard a saying this past week: "People can't drive you crazy if you don't give them the keys." I love it. Doesn't that just make sense?? I feel like a lot of times, as humans, we allow others to be in control of our lives when we really need to focus on the things that WE can control, and focus on the things in our own circle of influence. We really never have to be stressed, frustrated, or angry if our foundation is on Jesus Christ. Helaman 5:12. I know I find myself getting frustrated with people at times, but I just have to remind myself that I have the keys, so no one can "drive" me crazy as long as that is the case. Maybe it would be a good idea to give Christ the keys and let him drive us where he will. #epiphany. I invite you all to strive to focus on the Savior more this week, and seek to build your foundation on HIM. Lets be champions for Christ! 

Well thats it for now (whoa was this a long email or what), we have an exciting week this week with zone conference on wednesday and exchanges with the Highland sisters on friday! Yay missions! Love it! Have a great week yall! <-- i am now a country girl?? idk

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Sister Brown

ps keep reading the Book of Mormon every day ok love you all 

Blair's wedding invite lookin so good 

This is carol we love her 

Woo relief society activity! This is Sister Beall (left) and Sister simpson! They are my faves 

Us and Sister Dixon (we drew on plates, cool right)

We went to a reception (our ward mission leaders son) and scooped ice cream for people 

At the Dixons for a Zone activity

Tie for my dad

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