Sunday, November 13, 2016


HOLAAAAAAAAA. Idk I just felt like saying hi in Spanish. I've actually been putting my small amount of Spanish knowledge to good use here.It's cool.

SO WOW HELLO I'M IN CALIFORNIA!!! The weather is amaaaazing. What a week it's been. First of all, my mission president and his wife are the BEST. Honestly, I am so blessed to have them. Plus they have teenage kids so they are somewhat youthful and it's great. They are both so Christlike and so welcoming and kind when we got here.

I got here on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had transfers. It actually kind of felt like some sort of choosing ceremony like the hunger games or something. Less dangerous of course. But equally scary. Hahaha.

So, I am in the FONTANA zone!!! And my trainer/companion is Sister Peterson. Okay, I don't know what I did to deserve her, but she is seriously the best trainer I could have asked for ever in the world. She is from Mesa, Arizona!!! Which is where my sister is serving right now. She's 21 and has been out 14 months! Plus, weird connection we have, we both went to UVU and were in the same institute class a couple years ago!! Crazy! She looked so familiar to me and she said the same thing about me. I can't believe we both remember that! We get along SO well. I am not kidding, it's weird. I have no problems with her. Like, none. She is everything I could ever want in a companion. She is obedient (thank goodness, I was praying for an obedient companion), so Christlike, funny, gooohgeous, she has great style and she loves shopping!! Haha. We have that in common and it's awesome. There are some great thrift stores here in Fontana so we will definitely be going shopping later today. I just never thought a relationship like this with another human was possible, but when both parties are striving to be Christlike and are living consecrated lives, it totally is possible! It is so cool. The Spirit is so strong in our companionship and we are so united. She is setting the standard HIGH for all of my future companions, including my husband hahaha. πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah, I have an iPad now!!! I don't know how anyone does missionary work without an iPad. It is INCREDIBLY handy. And it's cool because it helps us to learn how to more effectively use technology and have self control so that after our missions we are better equipped with a personal filter when it comes to technology. Amazing. Okay so Wednesday and Thursday were only slightly overwhelming. Mission life is not what I expected. But it's great!! And I am loving it! Really I am, I feel so blessed to be here. But those first two days I was like whooooooa whaaaaat.

Thoughts that went through my head on the first couple days in the field: 
"Whoa what we have a car sweet!"
"Oh we're praying again? ok"
"Omg sister Peterson why are you talking to literally everyone?"
On an exchange on Thursday (because Sister Peterson is a sister training leader): "we're just gonna knock on random doors what?"
"Members are feeding us dinner? SWEET!"

We only knocked on doors that one day on the exchange. Other than that we haven't! Which is kinda good because that wasn't very successful haha. We just talk to EVERYONE we see about the gospel, and we have a lot of investigators! I love them all. And we have a lot of potential investigators, so we always have SOMEone we can go see or meet with. Sister Peterson is so loving and she is a great example to me. I want to be her when I grow up. Haha she says she doesn't even feel like she's training me because I'm doing pretty well, and I'm like uhhh good because I have no idea what I'm doing still haha. I'll get there.

I am loving the mission. One of the coolest things is that we ALWAYS have the Spirit with us. I've honestly never felt the Spirit so fully and constantly in my life until now, and it is truly amazing. I love it! As we commit to turn our will over to the Lord, he blesses us with his guidance and spirit! How cool is it that we can rely on Him COMPLETELY?? Ah! I love it. My favorite scripture lately is John 14:27. Look it up! I know that if I am ever feeling troubled or afraid, I need to check myself and see what is off in my life so I can get back to feeling the peace that the Savior has to offer. I know that when I feel peace, that the Lord is pleased with me because I am doing the best I possibly can. It's so cool that when we feel the Spirit, we can know that the Lord is pleased with us! I bore my testimony on that on Sunday. Peace is one of the greatest feelings that this gospel brings. If you don't feel that peace I challenge you to do whatever you can to get that peace and joy back into your life, because it is the best thing! Don't just take my word for it, ACT! I know that my Savior LIVES! He lives. I feel more strongly about that each time I testify and learn more about him. I love this gospel!!! And I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Love, Sister Brown

We put our string cheese in the ac vents in the car so that they would be cold again.

Me trying to do math when we were adding up our miles.

Sister Peterson and I

Us and investigators

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