Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last Days, Here We GO


Okay first of all, sorry this is attached to the other email? Idk what I'm doing on this iPad yet?? If I don't do this I have to attach everyone all over again. So. 

Hello! What a week! 

Things I found out this week:
-Donald Trump is president. Alright. Okay. Hence the subject line of this email. Has America gone insane??? I wanna hear some stories. 
-GET THIS: there is most likely going to be a natural disaster in my mission, while I'm on my mission. Like a big earthquake or something, Idk. Apparently the last mission president here felt that there would be one after he was no longer mission president, and now the current mission president has been bringing in emergency preparedness senior missionaries because he felt the same thing. And emergency preparedness has apparently been emphasized in a lot of zone conferences and stuff, because they felt that the spirit was telling them to talk about that. Sister Peterson told me all of this. It's a scary thought, but if/when this happens, the people will be so humbled and it will be an amazing opportunity to bring others closer to Christ! Last days are here, I'm telling you. I'm confident that the missionaries will be protected though, so mom and Blair please don't freak out hahaha. 
-Coachella is in my mission! Cool! 
-One of my Vlogs on YouTube is doing surprisingly well. Love that. 
-Dinosaurs??? Can someone please tell me where they fit in before Adam and Eve??? These are the things that keep me up at night. 

It's been a great week! We are teaching an investigator named Angie who is SO prepared, and we told her to pay attention to how she felt as we taught the restoration. She said that she felt "a weird feeling" that she hasn't felt before, and that that feeling just got stronger and stronger as we taught. In our heads we were like "YESSSSS WOOOOOO THATS THE SPIRIT WAAHDKSNDKAMXLMXKSLSMSKS" but in reality we just quietly nodded and smiled. Hahaha. It was awesome. 

One of the coolest things about being a witness of Jesus Christ is that we actually get to witness Jesus Christ change people. So we are LITERALLY witnesses of Jesus Christ! We may not see Him, but by Him, we see everything else. 

The epiphany came to me this week of how important this gospel really is, for EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Growing up I always thought my life was lame because nothing crazy ever happened, but I realized that it's because I was raised in the gospel that I was protected and was able to have the spirit in my home and in my life, even if I didn't realize it. It's BECAUSE of the gospel that my life has been smooth! And I just want that for everyone!!! This gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ can literally solve every problem in the world. How amazing is this gospel?? Am I right??? God is so incredible! He knows everything and has a specific plan for each and every one of us!!! I love it! 

Sometimes when I get these revelations and epiphanies, I picture myself turning into the hulk and saying "ITS SOOOO TRUUUUUUUE AHHHHHHHH". In case you were wondering. I just want everyone to feel that! 

This church is true. It is so true. And being on a mission is awesome. But don't get me wrong, i struggle with things. I'm not perfect. I get worldly songs stuck in my head sometimes. I get discouraged occasionally. Being patient with myself is sometimes really hard, because I want to be a good teacher immediately! And Approaching literally everyone we see is not easy for me. I'm naturally introverted so it's something I'm still getting used to! Especially when I feel like I'm not that great of a teacher and don't know much yet. But guess who DOES know everything? God does! The battle is the Lords! And even though I may struggle, I know that God will make up for my weaknesses as long as I am doing His will. Thank goodness for a merciful Heavenly Father and a loving Savior who make it possible for me to be strengthened and overcome my weaknesses! Do your BEST and God will make up the rest! 

Well I gotta go. I love you all SO MUCH! Have an amazing week!!! 

Love, Sister Brown 

Pictures belowwwwww. Hopefully this works and you can see them all. Mom let me know if you can't see them! ❤

matching pink skirts from DI.

Candy from members?? Hahaha we did not eat them.

We lost our phone for like 12 hours but then we found it in the road. Tender mercy.

My face when sister Peterson falls asleep at the wheel. 😉 she didn't, for those of you who are worried.

This guy played the accordion for us. 

Amazing picture. Ded. 



We had FOUR investigators at church yesterday! Amazing! 

We were wearing black and white, so of course we got a picture. Luckily sister Peterson loves pictures as much as I do! 

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