Sunday, February 5, 2017

Summer Vibes in January

Greetings from sunny California! There are some serious summer vibes here, it's crazy. It is 80 degrees here today. Yeah. I am going to die in the summer. 

What a week it's been! 

I'm with my new companion Sister Jamsa! She's a great missionary. Leaving Sister Peterson was tough though. The adjustment was really hard for me, probably the hardest part of my mission so far! It was just really hard having to adjust to a new companion and taking over the area and making sure I can take care of these people like Sister Peterson did. But I a good now! Great, actually! It's a good thing we only email once a week, because if I would have emailed you on Wednesday or Thursday you all would have been very concerned. But everything is great, I still love being a missionary! Lots of opportunities for growth. 

Saturday was the "second day in white", which gave all the recent converts who got baptized in December to take names to the temple and do baptisms for the dead in January! We ended up taking FIVE recent converts to the temple, because there were some who hadn't been there yet! It was a dream, I'm telling you. So fun. We all carpooled in a couple vans there, and it was just a beautiful day to go to the temple. The spirit was so strong inside, and it was an incredible experience to see all these recent Converts getting baptized for their ancestors. Plus it was so fun to take a field trip to Redlands! It was strange, I felt like I wasn't on a mission. But yeah, that was an amazing day and an unforgettable experience! I couldn't stop smiling! I will send pictures! 

Church was also amazing yesterday, it was just fun to be able to know everyone and introduce everyone to Sister Jamsa. This ward feels like family! Again, I couldn't stop smiling. It's just so fun to be able to love so many people in one place. I love it! 


Also! The missionary schedule changed! Which I am sure you heard about. We have a lot more time in the morning and evening, and a shorter lunch. Which at first I was like "whoa whoa brethren what are you doing I need sufficient lunch time" but it helps us stay more focused throughout the day, eat less, and that time is made up in the morning and at night! So it's good. With this new schedule I already feel more refreshed and healthier and more able to do the Lords work. I know it was inspired! 

We went hiking today! It was hot and I got real sweaty, but it was so fun and so beautiful. Who knew Fontana was so pretty? Ill send pictures of that too. Also I am going to be sore tomorrow. Love it. I don't get sore too often being on a mission so that's a good feeling haha.

This week I've been thinking a lot about Gods plan for me, since a lot of changes happened and I was wondering why. But it is so important to remember that God sees EVERYTHING and he knows what is best for us. 
Quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell: "God lives in an eternal now where the past, present, and future are constantly before him. He knows the end from the beginning! Because the centerpiece of the Atonement is already in place, we know that everything else in God’s plan will likewise finally succeed. In His plans for the human family, long ago God made ample provision for all mortal mistakes. His purposes will all triumph and without abrogating man’s moral agency. Moreover, all His purposes will come to pass in their time."

God knows everything! Time is not a thing to him, he sees everything, all at once, all the time. So why wouldn't we trust in him?? It only makes sense! I know that everything God does is out of love for us, so I invite each one of you to think of one way that you can put your trust in God a little bit more this week. I know you will see a difference as you put your trust in him more fully! Also, miracles happen when we trust him! So go for it! It will be great!

I love you all so so so much! Have an AMAZING week! 

Sister Carina Brown 

Picture with Angie and her bf Hector who is getting baptized on
Saturday, and also forgot to mention they are getting MARRIED on

Going to the temple!

Hiking and having fun with panoramas. I was sweaty and gross but it's
cool. Beautiful view, right???

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