Saturday, August 12, 2017

Blessed with the Vest

H E L L O  E V E R Y O N E

Hows it going??????? Its been another great week!!! 

First of all i just LOVE Sister Vest, she is so funny. For some reason these past few weeks, our senses of humor have aligned and now nothing is not funny. Funny things Sister Vest has said this week:

- after I tell her that we still have to go to ward council even though its fast sunday: "that sounds like a trial"
- after a member took us to cafe rio for dinner and we got super full: "I feel like sister carter" (sister carter is a pregnant woman in our ward due in like a month) 
- after a random member bought us ice cream at baskin robbins:
member: "get anything you want girls ok? anything"
sister vest: *under her breath* "ok im getting an ice cream cake"

hahaha she is sooo funny and we have way too much fun. Our time together is short though, because we had interviews with president this past week and he told me that I am most likely getting transferred out of Smiley. :( :( :( SAD. It was expected, but sad nonetheless. So we will see where I end up in two weeks! Stay tuned! 

OH MY GOODNESS okay so you know Linda?? The one who wants to get baptized (and IS getting baptized on the 19th)!!! So we taught her the word of wisdom this past week which was scarrrryyyyy because she has been drinking coffee for FIFTY YEARS and at the beginning of the lesson she was all, "now girls, i've been drinking coffee for fifty years and im not planning on stopping anytime soon" and we were like oh boyyyyy, but then our member present, Sister Hull, just bore powerful testimony and told Linda she could do it (they are good friends) and so we committed Linda to live the word of wisdom and she said she would try. 


So we had that lesson on thursday, and then we stopped by on Saturday to see how living the word of wisdom has been going and she goes, "I haven't drank coffee in two days" and we were like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GO LINDA GO LINDA U S A  U S A WOOOOOOOOOOOOO isnt that so exciting????? Wow. Christ really does change people!!! Miracles are a thing! 

so yeah, that was cool. Also, my bff Blair got married on friday, but it was inspired because we had interviews with President Dixon that same day and I told him that my best friend was getting married, and he was sooo sympathetic and prayed for me at the end of the interview! SO NICE WOWWWWWWWW i love the dixons!!!!! 

Yesterday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting because it was the last chance i would have to do that in the Smiley ward. :( MY GOODNESS i love this ward. its gonna be difficult to leave. 

Today we made tortillas with Sister Kuaea!!! It was so funnnn, i felt like a real hispanic woman. Also the Kuaeas are amazinggggg. 

Yesterday the Adlings (ward mission leader) had us over for dinner and made us CREPES for dinner and woowowowowow it was so so good. 

Does anyone else feel like this email is strangely hyper-active?? Its probably because I am quickly running out of email time. 

On a more spiritual note: this week in my studies I was reading my plaque scripture, 3 Nephi 5:13 that talks about being a disciple of Christ. I learned that the word "disciple" means "learner", meaning that a disciple of Christ is simply someone who is learning to be like Christ. What a comforting word, "learner". It means that we dont have to be perfect! Which is a comforting thought for me, because I get impatient with myself a lot in my quest for obtaining Christlike attributes. But as long as we are learning to be like Christ and repenting daily, we are his disciples! So lets keep on learning! Learning = progressing, and progressing = joy. Lets experience JOY this week as we continue to learn about Christ!

And of course, keep reading the Book of Mormon EVERY DAY. I know that will bring you closer to Christ than anything else and will allow you to feel at peace. 

I hope you all have a delightful week, stay cool and stay Christlike. 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love, Sister Brown 



I made her popcorn

Me at Blair's wedding woo it was so fun

Ward pool party

Making tortillas

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