Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hi I'm on a mission and I love it


It has been an amazing week!!! This is the week that I really started to love being on a mission. Before this week I was thinking, "man, 18 months is a long time," but now I'm like "woo! I get to do this for 18 months!" (Or 17 now?? Idk wow crazy time flies). I just realized what a delight it is to share the gospel with a lot of people EVERY day and to be able to testify of Christ every day! What a blessing! And it really is so fun. I love finding joy in the work and laughing even when I mess up, because this work IS joyful! Plus I'm meeting so many amazing people. It's awesome. Missions are awesome.

We had exchanges this week! My first exchange. Wooooo! I went with Sister Brindley to her area, and she serves in the Tongan ward! It was cool. She had to learn Tongan this transfer. It is a crazy language, I tell you that. But Tongans are awesome! Plus it was cool to go out of my area into Rialto and San Bernardino. And Route 66 goes right through my area btw! (Cars, anyone??) It's cool. Going on exchanges with someone new made me appreciate and realize how amazing of a trainer Sister Peterson is and how blessed I am to be able to learn from her. She is SO genuine and sincere with people, and I am learning how to be like that too.

Okay, so AWESOME news, apparently our companionship has the most investigators with a set baptism date in the WHOLE mission! What! That is CRAZY! I seriously haven't done anything, it's all the Lord. This is His work and He is moving it along, I am just here to be his instrument. He has blessed us with a lot of people to teach! We have been so so busy, and I love it. Angie is getting baptized this Saturday, so that has kept us busy. It is soooo exciting!!! She's the one that we started teaching after I got here, so she is like Sister Peterson and my baby. We taught her the whole transfer and to end it with a bang, she is getting baptized! We love her so much. She is the sweetest. Also I might be playing the piano for a special musical number at her baptism?? I don't love reading music, but I made up this rendition of When I Am Baptized and it doesn't even sound too bad. So that would be cool.

Yeah, transfers are NEXT WEEK. I'm like literally where has the time gone?? I am praying for Sister Peterson not to get transferred. But it's the Lords will, not mine! Ahhhh. We will see.

Today for preparation day we are going to WINCO! I am stoked. I love winco. Hahaha. It sounds so lame, but I really am so excited. There's not much to do here in Fontana on p days except shop, so we have to be creative. Next Monday we might plan an excursion outside the zone to Palm Springs or something. We are allowed to leave the zone on p days once a transfer! So that would be cool. There are a lot of exciting things happening in December, like transfers, a multi zone conference (I could see my MTC companion and some of my MTC district!!!), going to the temple, and skyping my family. Plus LOTS of awesome service opportunities! Ah! Missions are the best. It is so fun to be here. I am LOVING it.

I have learned this week that the secret to missionary work is loving the people. Once you care about them more than yourself, you're good. Just love them and do everything for them out of love, and you can know you are doing the right thing! I'm grateful for the Saviors perfect example of charity and I am striving more and more for that each day. I invite each of you to do the same! Pick one way that you can be more like Christ, and work on that throughout this Christmas season.

Okay have a GREAT week everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL!

(We're going to winco now!!! WOOOO!!!)

Sister Carina Brown
California Redlands Mission

Half day exchanges with Sister Angelovich

Exchanges with sister Brindley in a super nice car woooo

Us after exchanges! Yay missionaries! 

We are so blessed to have an in n out in our area. 

Her mom sent us a tree and presents! 

Investigators at church!

Sister Johnson! She is the ward mission leaders wife. She's funny. 

Our investigator addy! (She's getting baptized on the 24th! Woo!)

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