Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Blessing, the Breakup, and the Baptism


Well, talk to you. I hope you're all doing well! Ah! I just love you all! I'm serious, I'm very aware of who gets these emails because I still haven't had time (or figured out how) to create an email group on my iPad, so I have to manually add everyone to this group email every Monday. It's fun. 

What a WEEK!!! First of all, I have a cold. Again! I had a cold in the MTC too. It's rough having a cold on the mission, because it's this awkward sickness where it's not bad enough to stay home, but it's uncomfortable to deal with when proselyting. Today after we did our laundry I just snuggled with all my warm clothes for a while and that helped me feel better. Haha.

Okay HELLO HIIIIIII GUESS WHAT. SISTER PETERSON IS NOT GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!! WE ARE BOTH STAYING!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO U-S-A  U-S-A  YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS MXKXJKSKANXIJANXISKLOAIOQJSNJ. We are both so happy. We get another six weeks together! Seriously this is such a blessing. I am so full of gratitude! We are going to rock this next transfer! Only with the Lords help, of course. Ah. So excited. 

Okay, this past week our investigator Lori (who is the most hilarious human being I have ever met, seriously she is so funny, it's hard sometimes to stay focused in lessons because sister Peterson and I are just laughing at what she says) was not getting back to us. She was supposed to get baptized on the 10th, but then she wasn't getting back to us, and prior to this we had been meeting with her like three times a week! So we just have so much love for her, and all of a sudden she just wasn't getting back to us at all. It was weird. And it felt like we were going through a breakup! Sister Peterson and I would ask ourselves questions like: 

"It's been a day. Why hasn't she called us?" 
"Was it something we said?" 
"Should we text her again, or do you think three times is enough?"
After stopping by and no one answered: "Try and look through her window. Do you think she's home and just doesn't want to talk to us?" 
"She's probably going to other churches. Are we not good enough?" 

Hahaha. I'm serious though, we asked ourselves all those questions. And tried looking through her window. But! On Thursday she finally got back to us!!! We sent her a text that day and had to just WAIT for her to text back (I'm telling you, it was a breakup), which was scary, but she got back to us!!! And told us that her ex husband stole all her money and now she has to find a third job to support her family. Crazy! And ONE week before her baptism! Can you believe it?! Satan knows how many people she's going to bring into the church and he is trying to stop her. The opposition is so real! We have a spiritual war on our hands! The good news is, God has already won. Everything is going to be okay. But please keep Lori in your prayers! 

Angie got baptized on Saturday!!! It was such a special day. Oh, and I did play the piano for a special musical number! It was cool. The font started DRAINING while the baptismal service was going, but luckily there was still enough water for her to get baptized. The spirit was so strong, and Angie was just glowing! She was so happy! And it made us so happy to see her that way. She is going to do great things in the church. I just feel so blessed to be able to know her and teach her and be a part of her baptism. And when she got confirmed on Sunday, she said she could feel the Holy Ghost during the blessing. She is so amazing! We love her! 

I challenge you all this week to be aware of each decision you are making. In my studies this week, I came across a quote by C. S. Lewis that said: "Our leisure, even our play, is a matter of serious concern. There is no neutral ground in the universe: every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan." Every decision we make either brings us closer to or further from our Father in Heaven. Be aware of each decision you are making. Our eternal salvation is at stake! I know that every choice that brings you closer to Christ is a good choice. 

Okay I love you all!!! Have an AMAZING week!!! 

Sister Carina Brown 
California Redlands Mission 

Pedicures on p day! Last week. 

My toes never looked so good.

Okay AH GORGEOUS. The sunsets here are amaaaazing, and I just love Palm trees.


Service at Santas workshop!

Woooo members bought us dinner 

Angie's baptism! 

More of Angie's baptism! 

You are kidding me. I mean really. Amazing.

Dessert potluck ward party! The bottom two plates are mine and Sista Petersons, and the top empty plate belongs to a five year old girl. ??????? We are pigs. 

Can't forget our weekly car selfie. 

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