Sunday, January 22, 2017

UNREAL Experience

The CRAZIEST thing happened yesterday, I'm seriously still in shock. Wow.

First of all though, how are you all?? Doing well? Isn't this gospel amazing? I mean is it true or what? So true! I love it!

Okay, so yesterday. Sit down, grab the popcorn, and pay attention cause this is a good one. I still can't even believe this happened. Here it is:

So, yesterday was Stake Conference! So Sister Peterson and I get there early and are going around talking to everyone like Missionaries do. It was a blast, I loved it. Then, one of the counselors in the Stake Presidency (who is in our ward) named President Young comes up to us and tells us that Mark C. Davis of the Quorum of the Seventy is here, and that we should go talk to him. So we were like, oh that's neat, and we go talk to him. We talked with him for probably about 30 seconds to a minute, it was not that long. He told us about his daughter who just went into the MTC and a few other small things. He was so nice and cool! But it was a really short conversation. We were like, "cool we met him! That's nice." Casual.

So then, Stake Conference starts and it's so good, and eventually Mark C. Davis gets up to speak. So he's talking for a little while and invites his wife to bear her testimony so she did, and then he talks a little more and says, "I'd like to invite Sister Peterson and Sister Brown to come up to the stand please."

Um, WHAT?!? We looked at each other and were all, "that's us. What do we do? What is happening?" So after much hesitation, we get up and start walking to the stand.

Things to keep in mind at this point of the story:
- this is Mark C. Davis OF THE SEVENTY inviting us up there
- our MISSION PRESIDENT and his wife are sitting on the stand
- the Redlands temple President and his wife are ALSO sitting on the stand
- there are tons of other missionaries in the congregation that he could have invited up there
- I AM STILL IN TRAINING. I am no expert missionary ok.

Moving on.

So! As we are walking up there, Elder Davis informs the congregation: "they have no idea why they're coming up here." So we get up there and shake his hand, and he proceeds to tell everyone a story about how he met a woman named Cecily and how she met two Sister Missionaries and said they were just glowing. Then he says, "I met these two sister missionaries earlier today, and they really were just glowing." Then he keeps talking a little more (I'm still trying to remember everything he said, it's all kind of a blur) and says, "we are going to have these Sister Missionaries teach us today."

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Then he says, "Sister Brown, would you be willing to tell us about Joseph Smiths experience with the first vision, and your testimony of that?"

So I did! And I shared the first vision in Joseph Smiths own words (I didn't even mess up!) and I shared my testimony of the restored gospel and what I know to be true and how amazing it is. And it really was so cool, because I had really awesome and powerful studies that morning and I was just extra pumped about the gospel, so it was so exciting to share my testimony with the whole Fontana stake! I actually loved it! This gospel is so amazing!

So then I was done and he said, "sister Peterson, don't go anywhere" and he invited her to share about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her testimony of that. And she did, and it was awesome!

Afterwards, he says, "this is what they say to people every day. And how could someone deny the power of these Missionaries testimonies? We have amazing Missionaries in this stake who we can trust with our family and friends who do not have the blessing of this gospel in their lives." And he said a lot of other amazing things that I can't remember right now, but WOW. What an experience! We are still in shock! I feel so humbled to have been able to share my testimony with the stake, especially in front of a general authority. My heart was beating so fast though! Wow. Missions. So cool. These are the types of things that only happen as a missionary! I love it!

Okay I'm out of time, but this really is the RESTORED gospel! How COOL is that?? Does anyone realize how amazing this is?! Wow! We are a part of Christ's true church! And Christ really LIVES! WOO! Let's go share it with everyone! The salvation of souls! Who's with me?! I love it!

Oh yeah, transfers are next week. So we will see if I stay with Sister Peterson for her last transfer or not! Also, an APOSTLE is coming to our mission to teach us in February! Amazing! I am so excited!

I love you all so much!!! Have an AMAZING week! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sister Carina Brown
California Redlands Mission

Zone meeting

Dinner with Gardners

A selfie of us
after we spoke in stake Conference.

We met a family who was making
homemade churros and they gave us some! SO good!

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