Thursday, June 15, 2017

Humans of Redlands

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO idk why i put that subject line haha. 
Update: I LOVE being a missionary. I was thinking this week that the elders are SO LUCKY to be able to serve for two full years! What a blessing and a joy! So great. 

It has been an AMAZING week!!! We had Zone Conference on Tuesday with Elder Wilson of the seventy and WOW was it amazing. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and I am just so pumped about it. Also Elder Wilson told us that "sitting is the new smoking" so if you are sitting while reading this, stand up!

In order to get us to stand up during the Zone Conference, he had us making Book of Mormon "trailers" in our districts, to practice making the BOM exciting for our investigators. So we all basically made up skits about 1 Nephi chapters 2-4 and wow it was SO FUNNY. Hermana Figeuroa and I (she is in my district) both have a thing for beat boxing, so she beat boxed and I rapped while the other members of our district acted out the BOM stuff and it was AWESOME. We got the crowd (other missionaries) GOING and we had microphones and wow it was just so much fun. The other districts did some pretty fun skits too. It was seriously hilarious, and a general authority told us to do it so we didn't even feel bad. I wish I had videos or pictures, but Sister Dixon has them all and says she will show them at future mission reunions hahaha. 

Yesterday was an awesome day, just seriously the best Sunday! I spoke in sacrament meeting! And it went REALLY well! I have this weird thing where I get really nervous all leading up to speaking, but then i get to the pulpit and Im like WOO YEAH LETS DO THIS LOVE THIS. It was just really fun! I spoke on repentance and got a lot of compliments afterwards. I was nervous because President Dixon would be there of course, as well as Brother Biberston who used to teach communications at BYU and he always analyzes the speakers haha, but afterwards he came up to me and gave me a note with some nice comments and an "A+", and i was just BEAMING, it meant so much to me coming from him! Haha. 

Also yesterday we put a woman named Angelica on date for BAPTISM! She is SO prepared, it was so great to teach her. She is so receptive and open and wants to be baptized and know what the right path is for her. What a dream. 

Something I learned this week from studying repentance is just how important it is to repent DAILY. I cant remember if i talked about this last week, but repentance is a principle of progress. So when we are repenting daily, we can know that we are progressing daily, even if it is in small amounts! Just know that I know that repentance is REAL and it WORKS! And its all because of Jesus Christ! 

Well I hope you all have an amazing and wonderful week! Will be sending pictures pretty soon here! Oh also, training is going well, Sister Vest is loosening up and getting more comfortable so that is great. She is a very powerful teacher and so smart! Plus she loves shopping! Yay!


Sista Brown

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