Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Big Dreams & Flat Tires

HEYYYYYYYYYYY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII who's ready for the longest mass email ever? Haha. Commit to reading it. It's a good one.

I have no idea why I start all of my emails in all caps. I think I just get way excited to talk to you all and I'm like HEY WHATS UP STILL HERE and ON A MISSION WOO

Wow, what a WEEK!!! It's been really great. There are some exciting new developments happening here Smiley, and it's awesome. Where to begin??

Okay, so first of all, the Easter Initiative is happening soon and I am SO EXCITED. The theme is #PrinceOfPeace and it's just perfect because this world is so crazy right now. That being said, we had dinner with a member named Sister Bowman the other day and together we cultivated this new IDEA to make the most of this initiative. And the idea is all coming together so perfectly so there is no way it's not meant to be! I'll explain what happened with specific events relating to the idea on a day-by-day timeline:

5pm: Dinner with Sister Bowman at Sizzler. She was asking us what we did before our missions and I mentioned that I studied film production and Sister Marstella talked about how she studied graphic design. Sister Bowman then starts talking about how we can implement our interests into missionary work and also use technology as well. We also told her about our idea of having some sort of booth at market night and that idea got swept up in this new idea.

The idea is this: we want to film people (ALL sorts of people. Members, non members, etc) on the street (or at MARKET NIGHT WOO) and ask them something like, "what does peace mean to you?" The goal here is to really build on common ground and unite everyone by talking about peace. Everyone can relate to peace! After we film them, we would tell them that this video will be shown at a future time on some specific date for a certain event (held at the church, something like a fireside) or it will also be shown AT market night (is this all making sense?) so that the people being filmed can come back and see themselves in the video! Then providing a missionary opportunity for us, considering we will either get a lot of traffic at the booth at market night where the video will be shown, or we will see a lot of people at the event where the video would also be shown (because who wouldn't want to see themselves in a cool video?).

Some initial complications that we needed to figure out were: who will film/edit this video? Do we need waivers to film random people? Will the Dixons be on board with this idea? How do we get a booth at market night? And more. So we started to figure it out.

6pm: we went to market night again to scope it out. We talked to the market night people to find out more info.

8pm: Missionary Coordination Meeting with the Adlings (ward mission leader and wife). We tell our idea to the Adlings and they love it, and sister Adling says her son knows a 17 yr old member who owns his own production company and has a drone and all this awesome camera equipment. Perfect! Like is this not meant to be???

2pm: Meeting with the Dixons at the mission home.(mission president and wife) (because they are in our ward and we can do that) (Smiley Ward perks) So we meet with the Dixons and pitch this idea to them, and they LOVE it. They are 100% behind us. They gave us the name and number of a woman named Judy Cannon, who is the public affairs representative for the stake, and tell us do what you need to do, you have our permission, talk to Sister Cannon, etc. She attends an interfaith council every month too, which means there are a bunch of people there we could interview for the peace video! Connections.

3pm: leave the Dixons home. Sister Marstella goes over the curb. The tire rips without us knowing. All of a sudden we are driving and the tire pressure is declining FAST, so we get to the house of our next lesson and come to find that our tire is completely flat. Cool. Hahaha.

4pm to 6pm: pep boys.

1pm: Meeting with Judy Cannon at her bougie house. We meet with Judy Cannon and she loves the idea too. She said she would be able to talk to the other members of the interfaith council to see if they would be willing to be interviewed. She also told us she would find out about the waivers. Woo!

6:30pm: Meeting with Seth Hendrickson (17 year old kid with his own production company) at the Adlings home. We tell him our idea and he says he would be willing to do it! For freeee! He has tons of great camera equipment and is willing to edit it too. (Kailee he has a super nice black magic cinema camera that is huge and weighs a lot)

So! It's all coming together! We kinda felt like business women all week haha. Luckily we are mostly just delegating so this won't take away from our proselyting time! Right now we are just waiting to hear back about the waivers from Sister Cannon. But we are SO EXCITED FOR THIS. I'm sure that everything I just explained probably made little to no sense to all of you, but if it did then that's great! I love the initiatives that the church comes out with! So cool!

Also I am SO EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE ON A MISSION. I've been excited since like, December. The other day I was reading Mosiah chapter 2 and it was so cool, because they even had General Conference in the Book of Mormon! I invite you each to read that chapter with a lens of seeking to prepare for general Conference, and prayerfully consider what you need to do to receive a spiritual FEAST this weekend! I am so stoked.

Okay I gotta go, just know I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been RESTORED! And it is seriously the best thing!!!


PS. Shoutout to my cousins who I would LOVE to hear from anytime!!! (I'm looking at you Shayden) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sister Carina Brown

Sleepover with the mountain view sisters (one time thing)

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