Thursday, April 13, 2017

Peace, Love, and #LDSCONF

Okay wow HI.
It has been another AMAZING week!!! Wowowowowowow seriously being a missionary is the best. It really is. I am loving it. Also I am getting close to hitting my six month mark and it's scaring me. I'm like AH I only get one more year of this??? I just know it's going to go by fast. I mean it already is!

This week has been fuuuunnnnn!!! I went on an exchange with Sister Murray on Tuesday and with Sister Nielsen on Friday. They are the Mountain View Ward sisters and they are awesome! And both so funny. Plus they live really close to us which is nice. We see them a lot and it makes me feel like I have roommates! It is so fun.

Also on Wednesday we were having car problems so we spent a lot of the day at Pep Boys and Tom Bell Chevrolet. It was a weird day haha, but still great and we still saw miracles.

Also on THURSDAY we put our film project into action! We brought our film guy (which btw Kailee, his camera is a Black Magic Ursa Mini 4.6k. It was BEAUTIFUL. We looked so professional), a member (Sister Bowman, who helped us cultivate this idea), and Makenna Adling who was there to take behind the scenes footage haha.
Basically we set up the camera and ourselves on a busy street corner just outside of Market Night (recap: market night is something that Redlands puts on every Thursday. It's like a farmers market/festival thing with little vendors and food and it is just so cool), and we literally talked to ANYTHING that moved. Haha but seriously though, we
stopped everyone and were like, "we're making a video about what Peace means to people in the community and we would LOVE to hear your thoughts" or something like that. A lot of people said no, which was expected, but a lot of people said YES and were willing to be interviewed! And of course we had them sign waivers which we luckily were able to get a hold of this week. I did most of the interviewing and it was just so much fun to talk to everyone and talk about peace! Talking to people is so great! Ahhhh it's hard to explain but it was SO MUCH FUN. I seriously had a blast! And it was just a huge success! We are probably going to do that again this week. I will send videos! So fun. One of the highlights of my mission so far! I LOVED it!!!

Oh my goodness.
Can we please
Just take a moment
To talk about how AMAZING General Conference was?!?!!!!!!!


Literally WOW. Wowowowowowowowow. Talk about a spiritual FEAST. It really was incredible. If I talked about everything that I liked, we would all be here for a very long time. I did really like how Elder Rasband talked about acting on the FIRST prompting. That was something I really needed to hear. And how Elder Palmer talked about taking time to behold people and to really love them. That's also something I want to work on. I almost feel overwhelmed because I wish I could just read every single talk all at once because they were all so good.

If you didn't get the chance to watch it, PLEASE take the time to do so, and if you did, go back and look at your notes and pick ONE thing this week that you want to change based on what you learned in Conference. President Dixon told us once that you have 72 hours to apply training. If you apply it within 72 hours then it will become a
part of who you are, but if you don't, then it was just another conference and the knowledge is basically lost. The time is ticking! We have 72 hours (48 now???)!!! Ready, set, APPLY! I know you will become who God wants you to become as you take the time and effort to apply what you learn!

Also I have been feeling so at peace lately, more than ever before in my life, and it's amazing. And it's all because of the Savior, the Prince of Peace! Because he LIVES! Also, go watch the new Easter video if you haven't yet!


Sister Carina Brown
California Redlands Mission

We went bowling with the Mtn view sisters and the hermanas last week
and it was so fun!

selfie while we were waiting at tom bell

a random hike and walked through a really cold river

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