Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tales of a Sweaty Sister Missionary

Guess how many degrees it is here! Just the cool temperature of 97 degrees! Yay it is just so lovely and amazing! What a dream! Sweating profusely is just the best thing! 


Yup, NINETY SEVEN DEGREES. It's fine, everything's fine, smelling good is not a priority right? Sweating is so fun, yeah? 

I know I'm being dramatic. Really it's not so bad [yet]. Sometimes I just breathe it in and accept it. I'm just grateful we have a car with AC. What a blessing! Really though, we are lucky. 

It has been a great week!!! This area is just wonderful, I love it! Serving in President and Sister Dixons Ward is just a dream. Here's a story to back that up: 

We have an investigator named Debbie who looooves art, and the Relief Society happened to be having a watercolor activity this past week! So of course we were like, WE HAVE TO INVITE DEBBIE. So we do, and she says she would love to come, but she needs a ride. So! What do we do? Ask Sister Dixon to pick her up! Because she is in our ward! Here is Sister Dixon in a nutshell: 

-everything I ever want to be ever
-so funny
-bubbliest of the bubbly
-24-hour smiler

Seriously I want you all to meet the Dixons. Seriously. 


So Sister Dixon ends up bringing Debbie and they just get along so so well. Plus the watercolor activity was at the church and we've been struggling to get Debbie to come to church. So it was perfect, because after the activity we go up to Sister Dixon and say, "hey will you invite Debbie to church for us?" (Because members inviting investigators to church works wayyyyy better than missionaries inviting investigators to church) and sister Dixon goes, "I'm on it."
So, on our way out of the building, we hear Sister Dixon giving Debbie an IMPROMPTU CHURCH TOUR and here's how it went (the part we heard): 

Sister Dixon: "Debbie, let me show you around real quick. So this is the Relief Society room, and I love it because this is where all the women get together and it's just delightful."
Debbie: "ohhh ahhh love that"
Sister Dixon: "yes it really is the best"
Debbie: "okay but how long is church?" 
*SIDE NOTE: this question has the potential to be handled not so well but let's see how the amazing sister Dixon answers it:*
Sister Dixon: *stops in her tracks* "Oh my goodness Debbie. Best three hours of my week. Really, all week I feel kind of empty, but then I come to church and my soul is just filled....." *they walk away to the chapel so we can't hear them anymore*

*mental applause from those reading this email* 

So now I know what you're wondering: did Debbie come to church yesterday????

The answer is no. No she didn't. But! She will! Pres. and Sister Dixon went to a different ward yesterday, otherwise sister Dixon would have given Debbie a ride. We tried to find her another ride but Debbie said she couldn't come. 

Whoa just realized this is already a pretty long email sorry about it

Also ok TRANSFERS are next week??? What??? Time flies??? How does this always happen??? So that means Sister Marstella is going home! I will be sad when she leaves. We have really bonded together through our peace video. So I will be getting a new companion! And probably staying in the Smiley Ward. A lot of people think I'm going to train next transfer, but we shall seeeeeee. 

So lately in our mission, we have been focusing a lot on achieving unified consecration. We want to become a Zion mission. I have reeeeally been striving to become a consecrated missionary! I really want to give everything I have and everything I am to this work. I know it's going to take a lot of effort, but through Christ, I can become a consecrated missionary! President Dixon gave us a talk to read called, Becoming a Consecrated Missionary and it was just amazing. Some quotes I liked from it: 
- "Be willing to give every ounce of energy, every conscious thought, and every drop of passion to this work." 
- "You have all of eternity before you, in which to enjoy yourself. NOW is the time to consecrate yourself to the Lord and serve HIM." 
I invite you each to consecrate yourselves more to the Lord this week. Think of something that you can do personally become more devoted to him! As a representative of Jesus Christ, I can promise you that you will experience greater joy and peace than ever before. 

Isn't this gospel amazing??

Okay I hope you all have a great week! Be good! LOVE YAAAAAAAA ☺☺☺

Sister Carina Brown 
California Redlands Mission 

Pictures of last weeks hiking trip, service, and today's Zone sports activity day thing at the Dixons. SO FUN WE PLAYED SOCCER AH IT WAS AMAZING 

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