Wednesday, May 3, 2017


And WOW wowowowowowow it is AMAZING!!! So well done. 

And ok only the 2 minute version is finished. He is also making a 5 minute version that will hopefully be done soon. Also on the two minute version, he put the church logo at the end so unfortunately I can't send it out to anyone until that is taken off. I know, bummer. Otherwise I would totally attach it to this email. But! Hopefully I will be able to send it to you on Monday!

HIIIII ok yes it's Wednesday! We are going to the temple today as a Zone, and we had the option to either take a half pday on Monday or take a full pday today, so we chose to have it today! I am SO EXCITED TO GO TO THE TEMPLE. 

Also last wednesday we had Zone Conference (and WOW OMG it was amazing I absolutely love and adore the Dixons, they are exactly who I am striving to be) and Family History was mentioned a lot!!! So we were challenged to find a family name this week, get all their work done up to the endowment, and then go through for them today! And we DID! Sister Marstella and I were so so excited about it. And I found ELEVEN names!!! Amazing! I have never gone through the temple with a family name, so I am just so excited to do that today. I just know it's going to be such a special experience. 

Also last week we were able to do service for the Redlands Community Day of Service! We planted plants and cleaned and set up an irrigation drip system, it was cool. 

OHHH I JUST REMEMBERED, shoutout to my parents whose anniversary is TOMORROWMay 4th! LOVE YOU PARENTS! May the fourth be with you on your anniversary. Bet you've never heard that one before. Alright alright I'll stop with the lame jokes. 

Ok we have SUCH an EXCITING week this week. Today we are going to the temple, tomorrow we are going to the Mayors Prayer Breakfast (will explain that more next Monday) as well as MLC (missionary leadership council), on Friday we are doing service at the Redlands bowl (amphitheater), and also we just found out that a less active, Tonga (our investigator Laura's husband) got the ok from the bishop to baptize Laura!!! So she is getting baptized so soon!!! So we will be busy planning that for the next couple weeks. She is so READY. GAH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER WOO COVENANTS 

Anyways, so I will probably have a lot to talk about in next weeks email. Missions are the best. 

On a spiritual note, I wanted to share another quote from that talk I mentioned last week, "Jesus: the Perfect Leader" by President Kimball: "Each of us has more opportunities to do good and to be good than we ever use. These opportunities lie all around us. Whatever the size of our present circle of effective influence, if we were to improve our performance even a little bit, that circle would be enlarged. There are many individuals waiting to be touched and loved if we care enough to improve our performance." 

Isn't that quote amazing??? I love it!!! We have SO many opportunities to do good, more than we ever use! My slogan lately has been "do more" (thank you Casey Neistat). We have been given so much LIFE to LIVE, there is just no time to waste! My favorite scripture lately is D&C 58:27. It talks about being anxiously engaged. Be anxiously engaged in LIFE! DO MORE! After all, the purpose of LIFE is just that, to LIVE. I invite you all to "do more" this week, and not only that, but do more GOOD. Its something that I'm going to work on as well, and I know that as we make the most of the time that God has given us, we will find much more joy in living life! 

Ok hopefully I will send the video next week, so be looking forward to that. I love you ALL. Have an AMAZING rest of your week!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🍦

Sister Carina Brown 
California Redlands Mission 

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